Welcome to Wonderland

Just 30 minutes away from Hollywood, Wonderland Studios offers over 181,000 square feet of production space, 71,090 square feet of interior space on over 100 acres of land.
We have 6 large fully “soundproofed” soundstages, with over 50,000 amps of available power
Including 2 large green and white screen cycloramas.

Our Layout

We have six soundstages each with a wardrobe/make up room and two separate film screening theaters, one 50 seater with an attached lounge and a 35 seat theatre. We also have ample parking within our studio lot and adjacent parking lot.

Additionally, we have a large production/post-production building, several sound-proof recording booths, 22 offices, and 27 restrooms. Kitchens are also available.

Our Backlot


In addition, we offer 80 acres backlot of pristine wilderness, trails, forest, meadows, and rugged cliffs, which can be used for shooting different types of movie scenes.


Wonderland Studios 27567 Fantastic Ln Castaic, CA, 91384